Suppliers' Manual

In order to help you better understand our supplier management system, we have compiled the following operation manual to assist you. If encounter any problems during the process, please contact us at any time.

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The following sections answer some frequently encountered issues about our supplier management process

  • Q:Supplier Management Process

    ① Please ensure that the login email is correct.

    ② If you use a company email address, contact your company's email system administrator to ensure that emails from APP are not being blocked.

    ③ If you use a public email provider, try to check if there is a record of the email having been received. For example, in QQ Mail, go to Page => Self-Service Query => Mail Query to check whether there is a record. If there is a record, the reason for the email not being received will be displayed in the operation bar (e.g. the email has been blocked, the recipient is on a blacklist, etc.). Click on the corresponding issue to change your settings.

  • Q:Supplier Bidding Process

    Please ensure that the login account password is correct and that the account corresponds to a salesperson authorized to place a bid. If you cannot find the quotation, please contact the buyer. After the supplier has successfully logged in to the system, locate the inquiry sheet that needs to be quoted for and click the "Create Response" button to proceed with the quotation.

  • Q:How can the supplier's mailbox receive emails sent by the SRM system regularly?

    Click here to learn how to set up the mailbox to ensure emails can be received normally.