Forestry Business Unit

As the forestry management company of APP, APP China's Forestry Bussiness Unit (ACF) manages 17 forestry companies and 2 plants nurseries with over 267,400 hectares of forest plantations across 6 provinces in China. 


ACF established its Environmental Management System in 2001 and was one of the first forestry enterprises in China to pass ISO14001 certification. Five of its subsidiary forest companies in Hainan, Guangdong, and Guangxi had their plantations certified in the same year, and the Forestry Business Unit was among the first batch of forestry companies to pass CFCC-FM certification in China. Today, ACF manages over 270,000 hectares of CFCC-FM/PEFC-FM certified plantations, accounting for 90.12% of its total managed area. ACF implements sustainable management practices across its whole economic, social, and environmental operations.


ACF is committed to forest management based on legal, scientific, ecological, and sustainable systems, and through its Integrated Plantation-Pulp-Paper model, it works towards creating a world-leading sustainable industry.

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  1. High Conservation Value Management
    High Conservation Value Management

    APP China pledges to protect and properly manage the high conservation value (HCV) forests within its business scope. It is also committed to helping its employees understand these values in depth by means of brochures, training sessions, and other initiatives so that the organization as a whole can fully operationalize its protection efforts. APP China Forestry has devised its own High Conservation Value Management Measures, and a system for Determination and Protection of High Conservation Value Forests and Traditional Rights. APP China has also established a HCV working group. Through data collection and analysis, forest surveys, stakeholder engagement, and other approaches, APP China is determined to track and protect its HCV forests.

  2. Ongoing research, development, and innovation
    Ongoing research, development, and innovation

    APP China has built modern plant nurseries and R&D centers dedicated to the cultivation and planting of seed strains. The company constantly improves its capabilities in innovative R&D in areas like developing new seed strains, industry development, and innovation. APP China also actively participates in industry dialogues on development to continuously contribute to the progress and development of the eucalyptus industry.

  3. Forest Management Certification
    Forest Management Certification

    APP China Forestry carries out CFCC/PEFC-FM certification every year and continues to use the audits and evaluations to improve better management and to lay a solid foundation for achieving sustainable forestry practices. In 2019, APP China forests in Guangxi, Guangdong, and Hainan completed their replacement certificate audit via a third-party forest certification agency.

  4. Forestland Carbon Inventory
    Forestland Carbon Inventory

    As a pioneer of the Integrated Plantation-Pulp-Paper model, APP manages more than 1.8 million hectares acres of plantations in Indonesia and China. These trees play an important role in carbon sequestration. In 2019, APP China invited climate change experts to provide training on carbon trading, carbon accounting, and carbon sinks for all APP China Forestry business units.