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Sinar Mas Group was officially founded by prominent Indonesian-Chinese businessman Mr. Eka Tjipta Widjaja, with operations dating back as far as 1938. The Group currently owns hundreds of subsidiaries and has been recognized as Indonesia's largest conglomerate by Forbes. Sinar Mas Group's investments span Asia, North America, Europe, Australia and more markets around the world. Today, the Group operates under seven main business pillars: Pulp & Paper, Financial Services, Agri-business & Food, Real Estate, Energy & Infrastructure, Telecommunications, and Healthcare. Sinar Mas Group has been investing in China since 1992.


As the largest subsidiary under Sinar Mas Group, Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. (APP) owns dozens of pulp and paper mills and over 1 million hectares of fast-growing forests. Today, it is one of the world's largest pulp and paper manufacturing company. APP products find their way into the hands of consumers all over the world each day through many well-known brands. Since 1992, APP has focused its investments in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions in China, where it has taken the global lead in papermaking technology through business units including Gold Huasheng, Gold Hongye, Gold East, Ningbo Asia, Hainan Jinhai, and Guangxi Jingui. The ownership and management of large-scale, modern, fast-growing forests make up an important part of the overall business model.


The Group's Financial Services arm includes commercial banking, insurance, securities, investments, credit cards, and leasing. These services include the provision of tailored financial products and services to both private and corporate clients.


Investments in agri-business and food are mainly conducted through Asia Food & Properties Co., Ltd. (AFP). AFP owns the world's largest private palm plantation as well as popular brands Huafeng instant noodles and Grand Slam Edible vegetable oil.


The Group's real estate investments are mainly located in Indonesia, Singapore, the U.S. and China. Well-known projects in China include the Bund Center, Sinar Mas Plaza, the Arch Shanghai, and the Shanghai Landmark Center.

Founded in 1972, Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. (APP) is the core business of Sinar Mas Group. Its products include tissue, industrial paper, cultural paper, and other types of paper products. APP products are sold in more than 160 countries covering 6 continents around the world.


Following decades of strong growth and a continued focus on delivering high-quality for its clients, APP has become one of the world's largest paper groups. APP operates a total annual production and processing capacity of roughly 28 million tons per year and employs more than 70,000 employees. As one of the world's leading vertically integrated pulp and paper producers, APP is committed to delivering high-quality products to meet growing global demand.


As one of the world's leading pulp and paper companies, APP is also firmly committed to putting an end to all deforestation of natural forests for use in paper production. In support of this commitment, APP released its Forest Conservation Policy (FCP) in February, 2013. APP has conducted HCV (high conservation value) and carbon stock assessments throughout its entire supply chain. Through its sustainable development initiatives and Integrated Plantation-Pulp-Paper model, APP is committed to protecting the natural environment and conducting its operations as a socially responsible enterprise.

APP China (full name: Sinar Mas Paper (China) Investment Co., Ltd.) is a China-registered company. Since its founding in 1992, APP China has operated on a sustainable development model built around its Integrated Plantation-Pulp-Paper model for sustainable paper production.


APP China has Forestry, Pulp, Paper, Tissue business unit and so on.


In 2020, APP China successfully acquired a 100% stake in Shandong Bohui Paper Group Co., Ltd. Through the acquisition, APP China will further optimize the scale and allocation of resources within the company, enhance its competitiveness in the domestic pulp and paper industry, and support further high-quality development across the organization.


Alongside its core paper-producing business, APP China and Sinar Mas Group have also invested in developing sustainable urban complexes and sciences parks as a way of diversifying their assets. Among these investments are two landmark commercial projects in Shanghai — Shanghai Sinar Mas Plaza and the Shanghai Arch.

As of the end of 2023, APP China owned a total of approximately RMB 242.7 billion in assets, with sales revenues of RMB 92.6 billion in 2023 and more than 31,000 full time employees. APP China remains committed to improving the quality of life for people worldwide through the comprehensive development of its products and services.

Chairman's Speech

Throughout over three decades of operations, APP China has played a key role in China's transition from an ancient paper making nation to an advanced paper manufacturer. Our contributions include introducing and strengthening our Integrated Plantation-Pulp-Paper strategy to establish a model for clean production and development, as well as empowering transformation of the industry through technological innovation.


Looking to the future, APP China will continue to evolve by accelerating our digital and intelligent transformation and working towards a greener value chain. Together with industry partners, we will rise to address future challenges and opportunities, and continue to champion high-quality sustainable development.

  1. Embrace intelligent technology

    toempower new drivers of high-quality development

  2. Implement environmental protection as
    a foundation for high-quality development

  3. Innovate and upgrade products

    toguarantee sustained high-quality development

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