Tissue Business Unit

Since the establishment of the APP China's Tissue Business Unit, APP's wide range of tissue products have served millions of households across the country/region. All tissue products are made with 100% virgin wood pulp and base paper that is treated with ultra-high temperature and free from fluorescent agents. APP China's Tissue Business Unit strives to bring consumers safe, comfortable, and pliable household paper with all-round high quality.

The Tissue Business Unit is home to the Five major brands of Breeze, Emporia, Virjoy, Zhenzhen and Elis. Of these brands, Emporia brings the life concept of "every inch of skin is worth being gentle" to more high-end women. Virjoy provides high-end consumers with top-quality paper towels; Breeze provides medium and high-quality household paper products to thousands of Chinese families, and Zhenzhen provides consumers safe and good value-for-money household paper products to aspirational consumers. Elis is committed to pure and additive-free personal care product experience.

Today, Gold Hongye Paper, a subsidiary of the Tissue Business Unit, is a leader in the tissue market. Its products have been labelled Jiangsu Famous Brand Products and Suzhou Famous Brand Products, while Virjoy and Breeze are both famous trademarks in Jiangsu Province.

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