Paper Business Unit
Industrial Paper

APP China's Paper Businesss Unit includes industrial paper, cultural paper (including specialty paper), office paper, and other product lines.


Among these, industrial paper products primarily consist of paper or cardboard which make items such as cartons, paper cups, and paper trays, or paper that requires further processing. APP China provides customers with various high-end industrial paper products to meet their different production and reprocessing needs. 


APP China has three main factories engaged in the production of industrial paper: Shandong Bohui Paper Co., Ltd., Ningbo Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., and Guangxi Jingui Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.. Their main products include various high-end coated white card for use in food packaging, medicine, cosmetics, cigarettes, and more, as well as copperplate card, white paper, playing card paper, and others. Among them are well-known brands including JINOU, CAIDIE, JIN DIELAN, JINLI, YUNFAN, Siji Gui. 


APP China's industrial paper products and brands have won many awards and certificates in recognition of their excellent craftsmanship and advanced technology. APP China adheres to the principle of customer first, provides customers with a variety of product choices and high-quality services, meets customers' different needs, and obtains customers' extensive trust and strong support.

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